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What can akapost do for me?

  • Protect Your Email Identity

    One of akapost primary goals is to protect email identity against spam and identity theft. akapost provides a truly easy-to-use service allows you to send or receive emails from your exisiting email accounts to or from anyone on the Internet, without disclosing your actual email addresses.

  • Unify Your Email Identity

    If you are using multiple email acounts (work, school, personal, etc.), akapost allows you to send and receive emails from ANY of your email accounts. To the recipients your messages are all sent from a single email address - your akapost email address. And your akapost email address acts as a unified sender email address no matter which email acount you use to send the messages.

  • Mask Email Identity For Your Business

    akapost supports custom email address which can help small business to mask employee email addresses. The small business employees could use any of their existing email accounts (ISP mailbox, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) to send and receive emails. But all messages appear to be sent directly from their business email addresses to the recipients.

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