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How do I get started?

  • Register

    First, register with akapost. You choose a username and enter your email address to sign up an akapost account. A verification email will be sent to you shortly. After you confirm your email address and setup your password, your akapost account is ready to use and your default akapost email address is <username>@akapost.com.

  • Send

    When you want to send an email message via akapost, you simply append an extension string ".akapost.com" to the end of each recipient email address and send out the message from your own mailbox, which its email address has been registered in akapost. For example: If you want to send an message to "LisaW82@yahoo.com", you append the extension string ".akapost.com" to the end of "LisaW82@yahoo.com", and send the message to "LisaW82@yahoo.com.akapost.com".

  • Receive

    When akapost receives a message sent to your akapost email address, it will automatically forward the message to your registered email address. If you have multiple email addresses registered in akapost, you can control how messages are forwarded by akapost.

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